Alqemite and Alqemite Plus: Naturally green.

A long experience beginning in 1955. Over 60 years of history that have led to the construction and acquisition of production sites in Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Mexico, and the USA. BI-QEM stands out as one of the main stakeholders in the field of research, production, and processing of “green” chemicals worldwide.

A socially responsible group, devoted to optimizing resources by investing in innovative industrial solutions with a reduced environmental impact; a constant pursuit for enhancement of materials and compounds that, over the years, have been improved to become increasingly eco-sustainable.

In a historical period that is pivotal for the salvation of our planet, when regard for the environment and an ethical sense towards our neighbours and future generations must be intrinsic to every thought and action, it becomes a mandatory duty to carry out a production site, whatever it may be, in an accountable manner.

Honouring this moral, BI-QEM stands out as one of the most active and environmentally sensitive global green chemicals, with most of its efforts focused on the production of materials with extraordinary characteristics and a reduced environmental impact.

After extensive studies and experimentations, BI-QEM has perfected two unique products with exceptional features, made by mixing α cellulose (100% from sustainable producers with FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – international certification) and additives. Their extraordinary performances manage to outperform and suddenly age most of similar materials. They are technological, noble, green materials; both for their intrinsic properties and for the reduced consumption of the resources necessary for their production.

BI-QEM is therefore thrilled to introduce Alqemite and Alqemite Plus.

Alqemite; a next-gen thermoset suitable to produce a wide range of household and consumer products, where colour, durability, aesthetic and tactile aspects are crucial.

Alqemite Plus; a premium formulation thermoset, suitable for heavy duty electrical parts, ashtrays, caps and closures for pharmaceutical products; ideal for dinnerware and food service supply items. It complies with all Food Contact regulations (EU food contact compliance Regulation 1935/2004/CE; D.M. 21/03/1973; EU n° 10/2011; US FDA, title 21 of the CFR DIN 152.7 ISO 14528/3 Melamine).

Its uniqueness lies in the total absence of hazardous substances such as Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6, PBB, PBDE, BBF, phthalates, BPA (ROHS Directive 211/65/UE; Reg. 94/62/CE).

More in detail, Alqemite and Alqemite Plus come with many virtues and properties. First, these compounds have excellent dialetric strength, resist to thermal charges, naturally flame retardant and self-extinguishing. They melt at temperatures above 600°C/1112°F, well higher than thermoplastic materials derived from petrol.

Both materials have outstanding UV stability and an excellent resistance to acids, solvents and scratches (they are eight times more resistant than Polycarbonate and Polyamide 6 and seventeen times stronger than one of the most common polycarbonates in the world such as ASA-Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate). While this makes Alqemite and Alqemite Plus comparable to ceramics in terms of touch, hardness, and resistance, their specific weight is significantly lower, thus expanding the possibilities of use. In short: they are valid substitutes for thermoplastics which are much less noble and have been found to be extremely polluting materials.

The water and energy consumption required for their production and the relative quantity of Co2 emissions are significantly lower than all the production cycles required to produce similar thermoplastic materials of petrochemical base.

This embodies the green soul of these two products that, at the end of their life cycle, will be akin to solid urban waste: disposed of by incineration, Alqemite and Alqemite Plus carbonize, without generating toxic fumes or contaminating waste residues.

On the other hand, the special antibacterial formula inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria, viruses, moulds, and fungi. This translates into an abatement by 99.9% of the bacterial loads of microorganisms and pathogens such as Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, enterococci, coccobacilli such as Acinetobacter, Enterobacteriaceae, Serratia, and many others; peculiarities that make Alqemite and Alqemite Plus particularly suitable for the production of products intended for intensive use where greater hygiene is required.

Finally, they have endless possibilities of customization in terms of colour matching.


Can we, therefore, elect Alqemite and Alqemite Plus as the plastic material of the future? Yes!

Yes, for the only recognized quality of plastic: practicality!

Alqemite and Alqemite Plus are green, eco-sustainable, responsible materials, non-petrochemical based, non-oxo-degradable (not creating micro plastics) and


Thanks to Alqemite and Alqemite Plus, BI-QEM will revolutionize the uses and customs of the generations to come, with the ambition of transforming any “disposable” object (guilty of the well-known problems related to environmental pollution, waste disposal, and recycling) into a safe, durable, washable, resistant and reusable product that keeps its shape, colours and characteristics constant over time.



UV RESISTANT: Exceptional UV stability. The colour can withstand up to 500 hours of UV testing (ISO 4892) without cracking and maintaining colour uniformity

DURABLE: Long lasting use and re-use

SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Excellent scratch resistance, comparable to ceramic

CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Superior resistance to acids and solvents

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY:  dimensions keep stable over time and despite eventual temperature changes

NO MOISTURE: Non-porous

ANTIBACTERIAL FORMULA: it inhibits the formation and growth of bacteria, viruses, moulds, and fungi

SAFE FOR FOOD USE: internationally approved and certified for food contact

FIRE RETARDANT: natural self-extinguishing properties

EXCELLENT SHOCK RESISTANCE: non-deformable and shock-resistant

COLOR MATCHING: can be produced according to pantone or ral colour range or any specific custom shade

SOLID WASTE: comparable to solid urban waste

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